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Gina Tricot Milkshake

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reality doesn’t interest me

this is from a day trip through a very pretty part of Sweden. did I mention it was pretty?

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17 In The Surf

So pretty I can’t even… This is one sexy, sexy coat on top of Barry M Lychee.

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my home town’s one claim to fame

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holy crap this looks the best on camera ever!

This is holy mixture of things. This is one layer of Gallery Colours Black Sparkle layered over a black for some quick opacity. Then I’ve layered one thick coat of Models Own Jack Frost, and the mixture of the subtle reds at the bottom, the blues and green/yellows on top is just insanely pretty. I’m having the same issues with this Models Own glitter as every other I’ve ever tried, however, and that is its horrible goopiness, regardless of how much you try to thin it, as well as the insane bubbling it does to every single top coat I’ve ever tried it with.. Ah well, can’t see the bubbles for the sparkles ;) Love this so so much!DSC_0276edit


Trees, I love trees!!!

I thought I’d finally try out a random polish that has been sitting there for a while. This is one coat of Icing Funky Femme layered over a corally orange. It’s stamped over with the insanely pretty MoYou London plate shown below. I have to say I’m really loving the not having to worry about coverage with the huge stamper and the bigger plates. Mucho nice :)

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Trying some new things. Not great, but pretty cool.

I bought a new XL stamper from MoYou London, as well as a couple of plates, and I thought I’d try my hand at some VERY simply decaling. I get the theory now, it works, now I just need to do it in a actually cool way. Yaay.

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Pretty sparkles

So I should probably start posting the manis as they happen, or at the very least note down which polishes I used… but nope. It’s very pretty, though. Both shiny and matte ^^

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April, May, June randoms

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