No more wrapping of foil!

For any of you who have ever used a polish with any amount of glitter in it, you know how much it utterly sucks trying to get it off. Many used the so called ‘foil-method’ to get rid of it. This is where you soak a pad in remover, and wrap it in foil around your finger. This works really well, but it is a complete hassle.

I found these little thingies on ebay, if you search for nail soakers, you’ll find hundreds of listings for them. They are super cheap, and although their intended use is to be filled with acetone before your fingers are put in them, but they work just as well as foil substitutes as they create a perfect seal around the finger. I can easily use one pad for four fingers, cut it in half and separate the two sides, and I’m in no way using as much remover as I would if I soaked. Just a little tip, I absolutely love these things, and they have completely changed my attitude to glitter polishes, as all hassle is now gone!

DSC_0037 DSC_0040 DSC_0041

I mean, come on!!!

This is just too pretty. I had to drag out the extra-closeups for this one. This is O.P.I Live and Let Die with a couple of coats of ELF Fairy Dust which together just looks like a forest of wonder. Can’t. Stop. Staring.

DSC_2521 DSC_2524

Bonus: it looks awesome mattified!


Ok, I’m warming up to textures

This is Kiko Glicine which I picked up in Rome, paired up with an unnamed glitter from Barbaric Girl, which got weirdly discoloured on a few of my nails… I really, really didn’t get textures before, especially not non-sparkly ones, but I LOVE this one. Crap.DSC_2512



Highly practical travel-mani

Before I went on my honeymoon, I filed all my nails down, because I know they’ll just break anyway as soon as I start lugging bags around. I used Model’s Own Models Own Amethyst with a bit of H&M Did I Tell You? on top. It turned out really, really nicely, and it pretty much stayed intact for the week, so job well done!



Barry M Mediterranean

This is a couple of coats of the gorgeous Barry M Mediterranean layered over black (it really needs the extra opacity, unfortunately), with some swirly, white stamping on top.

DSC_2509 DSC_2510

The new Barry M’s that I just couldn’t avoid, for reasons, and what I could find in Rome

I’m not buying much anymore, because honestly, I really don’t need to. But my rule is if something’s really, REALLY extra nice, I’ll get it. And these were. Well, most of them, some of them I just got because when I’m in a country with a kiko-shop, I have to.


Barry M Mediterranean


Barry M Rose Hip – I was quite unhappy with the other pale pink I was planning on using for the wedding, it pulled too much toward peach, so when Barry M released this one, I just knew it was perfect.


Kiko Grass Green


Kiko Chartreuse


Kiko Pearly Chocolate Noir


Kiko Ink Pink


Kiko Luxurious Indigo


Kiko Glicine

Killer Clown

I finally got to try out the Tara Emporium Killer Clown polish I bought ages ago. It’s so good! I layered a couple of coats over a white creme, and had absolutely no problems at all with application. I paired it with some Barry M Cyan Blue, because I felt like it, and this is a mani I don’t really want to remove…



I felt like some variety, so I did a quick skittle. Mainly it was to try out my Maybelline White Splatter, which is absolutely as awesome as I wanted it to be.


Laquerdaisical Lamia Lust + Holla on Top

You can hardly see the transition here, apart from on my pinky, but this is a couple of layers of Laquerdaisical Lamia Lust layered on top of a bright red, since it is quite sheer on its own. This one is absolutely crazy stunning, made even more so by the addition of a couple of coats of Holla on Top. I can’t say enough good things about this top coat, it gives a supernice holographic effect, as you can see, and it doesn’t get dulled at all by top coat, so yaay!


Laquerdaisical Purple Phase

This is about three coats of Laquerdaisical Purple Phase on top of a light purple base, with some dark purple stamping on top of it. The polish is very sheer, so I really had to layer it, unfortunately it crazy-smeared my stamping, which I wasn’t prepared for, might have to have a layer of top coat in between if I want to do something similar. Good thing is though that the colour change is awesome and I love the gradients that keep moving around constantly. It’s very hard to get a picture of it, but this is sort of mid-transition to its colder state when the stamping got nearly completely covered.